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« on: June 02, 2009, 09:23:35 AM »
With the meet less than 2 weeks away everyone is VERY excited! As everyone is getting their cars' last minute details finished up I wanted to say thanks to all of this year's great sponsors!!!


The RPM Store -
Carolina Mazdas -
DaBears2k -
TWM Performance -
Axela Tuning -
TI Motorsports -
SeriouSpeed -
Empire Tuning -
AutoGeek -
BigBrakes -
PaleRider House of Power

They've all stepped up this year and donated some great items to give out at the meet.

::Some quick reminders::

Itinerary -

Things to bring -

Etiquette -

Photo Album to upload EECMM pics -

Disc Golf -

White Water Rafting -

EECMM Decals -


For Sale/Trade (Bring to meet) -

A great map of the area -,-83.803947&spn=0.011099,0.014677&z=16

Caravan Thread -

A map of all the members making the trip -

::Some notes::

Everyone please add to your phone this number - 239.682.2305 - That is Corbs Cell phone. When calling, please mention who you are because he will be getting a ton of phone calls and it's hard to keep track. This will help in case you need anything and don't have access to the internet or other members.

We want everyone to have a fun, safe, enjoyable trip. Let me just remind you that it won't be fun if you get arrested, smash up your car, or choose not to enjoy yourself. This is a very laid back and fun "vacation" style meet. It is meant to be a way to bring everyone together with a common interest and then give you something to talk about for years to come! We're still talking about the original EECMM... Like it was yesterday! So much fun! This year we'll have several pre-meet activities such as white water rafting, disc golf, a tourney of some sort... lol and all sorts of amazing roads to cruise as well.

Please bring your cameras and capture as much as you can so we can get everything posted up. Support our sponsors and let them know you appreciate them supporting EECMM. Also mention when buying from other vendors that you wish they would come out to EECMM as well. A few of our sponsors I am told may be coming out, and I know of at least one that plans on bringing their company car. The car show is going to have some serious competition this year so make sure you get your Mazda in tip-top shape!

Thanks everyone and have a safe trip! See you in all in a week!!!

The EECMM Team.

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