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« on: December 05, 2008, 05:33:22 PM »
Ok everyone, I have set up a group at Microtel Inn & Suites, which is located in Robbinsville. I'll leave all info I have below.

Contact # - 828-479-6772
Contact Name - Sue
Contact Site -
Group Name - East Coast Mazdas
Group Special - Reserve 10 rooms and then we get 10% off

When/If you call ask for Sue she works Mon - Fri, 7am - 3pm. She deals with groups and large parties so only speak to her she says.

She has set aside 10 rooms for us all double beds. If you would like something different let her know and she can change it for you if it is available. Once we hit the 10 rooms which I'm sure we can that is when the discount will be applied.

The rooms will be reserved until 2 weeks before the meet. If any of the 10 rooms are available by that time they are open to the public and we no longer get the group rate. Also!!! IF YOU CALL AND ALL 10 ROOMS ARE TAKEN PLEASE ASK HER TO SET ASIDE 5 MORE ROOMS FOR US.

The "Mansion" is located at:
559 Atoah Rd
Robbinsville, NC 28771

The list of all hotels in the area

Microtel is located at:
111 Rodney Orr Bypass
Robbinsville, NC 28711

Phillips Motel ?is located at:
290 Main St
Robbinsville, NC? 28711

San-Ran Motel? is located at:
253 Rodney Orr Byp
Robbinsville, NC 28771

Five Point Motel? is located at:
129 Rodney Orr Byp
Robbinsville, NC 28771

Blue Waters Mountain Lodge? is located at:
292 Pine Ridge Rd
Robbinsville, NC? 28771

If you have any questions feel free to PM me or call me 239.682.2305
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