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So, the engine is in and I can deal with the starter issue. But, as its seeming to be with this car something else has popped up. I've got a recurring cel for system too lean at idle bank 1.

Then I looked at the paperwork and I'm the proud owner of a JDM engine. With a USDM ECU. And a new compression ratio. That said ECU doesn't know what to do with.

I'm thinking that the ECU is just completely baffled since I'm not getting any of the signs I'd expect from running lean (no rough idle, stumbles, near stalls) but I don't want to stare at the cel forever. Clearly I need to get a remap but have no idea where to begin with this. Suggestions?

what is the J spec compression? how about the USDM?

Us is 9.7:1 J is 10:6:1

Yay for better gas mileage!

I can't touch any of the better gas mileage until I get the engine management to figure out what's going on haha


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